26 Feb 2012

Filming Scene of Good Movie: The Transformer 30

From a number of visiting pictures of “The Transformer3″ exposed the other day, the modern major celebrity Rosie Huntington Whiteley made her show, besides the familiar faces of the major stars Shia LaBeouf and Tyrese Gibson, and so forth. The main celebrity of “The Transformer 3″ has been changed. As Megan Fox, the alluring actress of previous two series once commented that the director Michael Bay was “Hitler”, the particular director changed Shia LaBeouf’s “girlfriend” also, the part of Megan Fox was removed and also substituted for the underwear model Rosie Huntington Whiteley.Whiteley is actually the particular type of the particular bustier brand called “Victoria’s Secret” and also has never performed in a movie. Michael Bay dug her when he was watching her commercial of lingerie. Simply because the main role in “The Transformer 3″ is actually just an autobot also, the major actress is actually merely required of great features, whoever has a sound figure may be suitable for the particular role. “The Transformer 3″ is about that during the space race, there is the particular most hazardous secret concealed in a certain place on a celestial body. From the particular currently revealed photos, you can easily see that Shia LaBeouf is actually busy handling troubles and numerous United states troopers are embattling with arms. It truly is unveiled by Us media that the particular scene is merely when Shia LaBeouf has been attacked by Decepticon also, the building behind him could be entirely shattered in the particular movie.”The Transformer 3″ is the particular last one of the three series but the particular director Michael felt hesitant, showing: “It is genuinely over as thirdly 1 but you can restart it at any time because I believe it really is difficult to stop.”At the particular film studio in Los Angeles, a person took a photo of a red sports automobile of Ferrari subsequent behind “Bumblebee” so it proved that there may be the latest type 458 Italia of Ferrari just for the particular autobot in the particular movie, which news had been truly exposed by the particular director in this May. Additionally, someone as well took photos of a silver sports motor vehicle in Beverly Hills and it’s certain such sports car is 1 of autobots and also it probably appeared briefly in “The Transformer 2″.Lately, “The Transformer 3″ is actually being shot in Los Angeles. In July, the cast will go to America’s new landmark – Milwaukee Art Museum for scenes, then go on to Detroit in August and Washington in September. This film will screened next July 1st.

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