27 Feb 2012

Czech Dance and Music Group Verona Together With Australian Musical Elf Provided Fresh Recording0

On July 15th, Gold Typhoon Entertainment Limited will grandly revealed the particular dance and also songs recording which happens to be stemmed from Verona and Laura Simone.Verona can be a high dancing & music group coming from Czech which is composed by a man and also a woman: lead singer Marketa Jakslova and also Peter Fider who will be the producer, DJ and composer. As yet, Verona has already been set up for eight years and also they had already issued four albums and 1 Digital video disc, all their albums got Double Platinum sales in both Czech and Slovakia. Early in 2003, this group received the particular Best Dancing & Songs Performing Award, Greatest Dance & Songs Album Award and Rookie of Year which in turn seemed to be elected by DJ charts Top 40. In 2004, they gained the particular Hottest Song of the Year which usually had been conferred by Slovakia songs funnel Songs Box by Life Will be Fun. In 2005, Verona got the particular Very best Dancing & Songs Performing Award from Slovakia songs Television set. They once displayed Czech for consistently 3 years to join the particular Eurodance competition and also gained nice outcomes. They additionally defeated fresh music & dance queen Cascada who appeared to be extremely popular in recent times in the particular Eurodance rivalry in 2006. Just last year, they released a deluxe edition dance & songs recording which integrated all their hot songs before.Laura Simone will be the particular Songs Elf from Australia. When the lady seemed to be 15 year old, Laura grow to be a member of girls preferred band NVS. In the up coming yrs, Laura started to perform in each and every city of country and held all sorts of concerts. Whenever the girl had been 18 year old, the lady even went to carry out in Star Dust Gambling establishment in Las Vegas in america. In 2005, Laura was the Top Ten in Australian Idol program audition which in turn enabled her to have an opportunity to make use of National Tv station and also to carry out in front of numerous crowd. In 2006, Laura signed an independent record company and issued her first single Ti Amo. In 2009, Laura as well as Katie Cole, Kristof, Audius also, the Sound Academy record company finished her first EP recording This Is Me.The particular recording integrated Verona’s newest single Will you Really Wanna Know during the past year, their signature tunes Stay With Me and also You Likely to Proceed, those 2 dance musics are famous around the entire world which usually became the indispensable songs in all the Pub dancing floors worldwide. The album as well included Laura’s first single Ti Amo, a classical song which seemed to be so trendy coming from late 70s to early 80s in the entire world.

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